LLIFTT is a company dedicated to promoting love in this world. Lifting takes energy, dedication, perseverance and compassion. This is what we provide. We are dedicated to the following:


 Caring for orphans & widows in their time of need

 Visiting the lonely

 Feeding the hungry

 Cheering up the depressed

 Helping the helpless

 Helping individuals help themselves

 Using technology to better the world we live in


  * Those who provide services through LLIFTT will be Disciples of Christ or others who are like minded. Such persons will have the attitude of Christ found in the book of Philippians.


  * David Meier is a member of the International Churches of Christ. Though LLIFTT is not affiliated with the church, the influence of the church on David's life has inspired him to promote love to others.


David G. Meier

E-mail: LLiftT_Oregon@yahoo.com